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Wild Nature Invades Decoration

ZOOH’s Monkey Recycled Glass Stands feature in this month’s edition of Elle magazine in Brazil. Not only is the Monkey recycled glass stand a good environmental choice, but as this article suggests, interior decor that reflects the natural world is good for us.

View on Elle Brazil

It is not by chance that the world of decoration has been drinking from this source in its most recent collections. Proof that the so-called reconnection of the human being with green is also on the agenda in the hearts and minds of designers, always keeping an eye on the desires that hover in our imagination – at the moment, in tune with the urgent need to engage in ecological causes.

The d├ęcor offers yet another figurative way of bringing the natural world closer. “Time in contact with nature relieves our anxiety, increases immunity and is a powerful preventive tool for health and well-being. Reconnecting with it can make us happier, healthier and more productive”, says Andrea Bisker, from the portal of Stylus trends .