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Zarza – brambles

Zarza is the Spanish word for bramble. In beautiful, green Asturias, in the north of Spain, brambles grow everywhere. There is a constant battle between man and nature to tame these prickly beasts. Their long tendrils are so strong they were traditionally used to build fences to keep out unwanted guests with their sharp spikes.

Local Asturian artists and craftspeople Gerrard and Kate Newrick, have woven local brambles into this range of unique and exquisite light shades.

Using their own techniques, they shape the brambles into captivating sculptures that throw out beguiling light and shadows. They have incorporated traditional crochet into the woven lampshades that creates a soft and warm contrast to the brutal line of the brambles.

These handmade lightshades are both functional and ornamental. They are a wonderful way to bring craft and sculpture into the home and business environment. Bespoke pieces can be ordered to size and colour.

Download PDF Flyer: ZOOH Bramble A4 flyer-d

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